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Lumsden Academy Recycling Blitz!

List of Recyclables:

·       Aluminum Cans (Pop and alcoholic Beverage Cans)

·       Tetra Boxes (Juice)

·       Plastic Beverage Containers (Pop and water bottles, juice jugs, juice pouches)

·       Liquor Bottles


                                                               Staff and Students of Lumsden Academy 

Recycling Day- Wednesday!
If you have any bags of recyclables you would like to give to the school, you may do so on Wednesdays! Just drop your bags of recyclables outside the grey shed in front of the school. Recyclables are a great way to help raise money for the school! MMSB is a big supporter of recycling at schools and they will match dollar for dollar the amount of money we raise for recycling.  

Items that we will take for recycling are:
    * Aluminum Cans ( Pop and Alcohol Cans)
    * Tetra Boxes ( (Juice)
    * Plastic Beverage Containers (Pop and water bottles, juice jugs, juice pouches)
    * Liquor Bottles 


Canteen Credit: 
Mrs. Dawn Stokes have sent an email home to parents regarding any credit that their child/children may have at our canteen. Please check your email as this money will need to be paid ASAP. There will be no Canteen Credit during the Month of June! 

Swimming Money:
The second half of the swimming money is due tomorrow, May 8th. 

Grade 9 Students:
Grade 9 students will be traveling to Pearson Academy on Thursday, May 9th. They will be traveling on the Pearson Academy buses. More information will be sent out about this tomorrow on an email and school messenger. 

Please put your students name on their containers for Microwave days. We are getting lunches brought to school in no containers or in containers with no names! This makes it very difficult for volunteers! 

Spring Concert
Our Spring Concert is approaching , it looks like it will be May 29th.  This year's theme is Country and Western.  We would like the Gr. K-5 classes to wear plaid shirts/ jeans or a plaid dress for the girls.  Each student will also need a cowboy hat.  Also the Kindergarten students will need black pants and a white shirt in addition to the plaid shirts/ dress and cowboy hats. 

Kindergarten Registration 
Kindergarten Online Registration for 2020-21 school year begins on May 13! You may review this link for more details https://www.nlesd.ca/families/kindergartenregistration.jsp .

Over the Easter break, PowerSchool was moved to a cloud environment with a new domain. As a result, you will have to update the PowerSchool mobile app on your mobile device. Please check your email to see the instructions on how to update your app. If you are having any issues you may contact the school. 

Kids Eat Smart Breakfast Program
Our breakfast program is up and running three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). If you would like to know more information about how you can donate or help out with the breakfast program please contact the school. It can be as easy as making muffins! Two generous ladies in our community made these yummy Banana Chocolate Chip muffins for our breakfast program! 

Family Responsibility Zone Courtesy Stops:
Please check your email regarding information on courtesy stops.  You MUST apply for these courtesy stops in order for our buses to stop at the provided locations. The provided locations are Route 20- 142 Centennial Rd. and Route 21- 16 Centennial Rd. If you have any questions after reviewing your email about the courtesy stops, please contact the school! Thanks! 

Please check your email regarding information on Swimming. It will be starting April 11th, 2019 and the total cost is $100.00 that may be paid in two payments. Please see email for more information! 

Grad Pictures 
We are reminding Grade 9 and Kindergarten students about their graduation picture forms. If you are ordering pictures and are not doing so online we ask that you get the form back to us ASAP. 

Children's Wish
    Thanks to everyone who donated to the Children's Wish Foundation and danced the hour away! We raised $137.00
Janeway Day! 
    Thanks to everyone who brought along money for the Janeway and/or bought Candy Grams! We raised $188.00 to donate to the Janeway!! Awesome work!  

Recycling Day is WEDNESDAY! 
    If you have any bags of recyclables you would like to give to the school, you may do so on Wednesdays! Just drop your bags of recyclables outside the grey shed in front of the school. Recyclables are a great way to help raise money for the school! 

January 31st- Tuesday and Thursday Microwave Day Memo!
Volunteers will be here on Tuesday and Thursday of each week to warm meals, we ask that you keep in mind that we have many students and our lunch time is short. So please, be considerate of this when sending along item to be warmed up. For this reason we ask that you DO NOT send along Kraft dinner cups or frozen dinners. We welcome items that will take 1 to 2 minutes but no longer (Hot Dogs, Burgers, Pizza etc.). In order for your child’s food to be warmed up it must be in a microwave safe container and have their name clearly marked on it. (Labels, marker)
February 5th will be our first day for hot meals!

PS. If you are interested a good place to get labels is mabelslabels.com (phone number 1 866 306 2235) they really do stay on your items for a long time, we recommend the school starter pack.
January 28th- Health Snack and Lunches Posters Provided by the Public Health Nurse!

Digital Citizenship
Over the last couple of months our students have been learning about the importance of being safe on the internet and other areas such as video games. There have been a variety of different lessons provided by their teachers to best suit their grade level. Listed below are other resources that as a parent or guardian you may be interested in viewing and showing your child(ren).

Compulsory Resources

  • www.mediasmarts.ca - A Canadian, not-for-profit charitable organization for digital and media literacy. Their vision is that children and youth have the critical thinking skills to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens.

  • www.youthprivacy.ca - A site available from the youth privacy section of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Here you will find a variety of resources and tools that have been designed for Canadian educators and parents/guardians.

  • www.commonsensemedia.org - A resource dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice needed to thrive in a world of media and technology.

Supplementary Resources

  • www.netsmartz.org - A resource provided for parents/guardians, educators and youth from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

  • www.reallifeonline.ca - An Ontario resource that aims to educate children to be safe and healthy by applying real life behaviours to life online.

  • www.cybertip.ca - A resource operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, the site’s mandate is to protect children from online sexual exploitation.

  • www.kidsintheknow.ca - A safety program designed to empower children and reduce their risk of victimization with a focus on self-esteem and critical problem-solving skills.

What's Happening at Lumsden Academy??

Children's Wish Posters
It's an exciting day at Lumsden Academy! When we opened the mail from the Children's Wish Foundation, we quickly noticed the faces of our STUDENTS here at LUMSDEN ACADEMY on their posters! These posters are sent around to various schools to provide information about the Children's Wish Foundation! We are all so proud and excited! 

Grade 6 Wax Museum 

A Visit with the Chicks (K/1)

Let's Talk Science Presentation 

Education Week


Pink Shirt Day! 

100th Day!
Thanks to everyone who brought along items for the food bank! We ALMOST reached our goal of 100! We had 94 items!!! Way to go students of Lumsden Academy! 

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week!
Big thank you to everyone that took a couple minutes of your week to say Thanks to the teachers and staff at Lumsden Academy! We appreciated the kind gestures of just saying thanks, sharing a "teacher appreciation meme" on social media, the cards, and the yummy treats and more! Thanks again so much! 

Valentine's Day 

Lumsden Academy Bell Schedule 2018-2019
 8:43 AM   Outside Bell           
 8:45 AM First Class Begins 
 9:45 AM Recess
 9:58 AM Outside Bell 
 10:00 AM Second Class Begins 
 11:00 AM Third Class Begins 
 12:00 PM Lunch Begins 
 12:37 PM                  Outside Bell
 12:40 PM Fourth Class Begins 
 1:40 PM Fifth Class Begins 
 2:40 PM Dismissal 

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